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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Patches from (other rock style ones from an ukrainian shop)
Earring/cuff from
Jacket - thrift store
Necklace - chain is old and crystal from Born Pretty Store (LINK)

During recent years I was dreaming to have a denim jacket with a lot of patches. I saw in the shops some denim jackets with a few patches, but it wasn't what I wanted and it was super expensive. Even simple denim jackets cost very expensive. But the last year we had one thrift shop on my street, so I found this jacket there and it costed like 2 dollars. I was lucky to find it, so I didn't think a lot if I should buy it or don't, I just went to a cash deskwith it in my hand.
Actually I was wearing it without any patches the whole year, but finally this year I've a thought that it could be cool to get patches for it. Firstly I bought a few with my favourite music bands like Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses... Also with Batman logo one. I really like bats and read first story of Batman and really love it.
By the way, fun fact - I've never watched movies with Batman, Spiderman, something else with famous superheroes, but I really want to watch this autumn.
Later I've got my cute patches from . I think they look cute together.
I think that later I'll add some more. Especially I need something for back.


  1. Great job! This jacket is so cool and love all the patches!

  2. Love it! Really, like how you styled this jacket! :)

  3. Well done! I loved the jacket and for the price, a second well done! It's so cool and the patches are a nice way to spice it up. And no one will have the same jacket like you do! You will like some of the movies you talked about. Not sooo amazing in my opinion, but nice to entertain a bit. You look very beautiful, as usual! Hope you have a nice day!


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