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Friday, September 29, 2017

Cleanser for Nail Polishes and Gel Tools / Brushes | Quick Beauty Tip

Hi guys! I forgot to blog earlier today, so decided to share with you this quick little post. Again a beauty products theme. But I promise the next posts will be different, I'm definetely not going to be 100% beauty blogger (I'm too bad at this type of blog posts). But, anyway, I wanted to share a post about something I've been using recently and I though it can be helpful for people that use gel nail polishes or even usual ones, as it has acetone, so you use as cleanser for nail polishes. It's good because doesn't smell that bad I used before, you get three bottles of cleanser just for $3.99, every bottle is 100 ml. That's pretty huge! I think it's a good deal!
There are two things I don't like about this product - it can't clean your gel manicure off at all, as I said it mostly for tools and brushes and another thing is that it smells not good (but it's not very strong).
That what a store that sells them write about the cleanser:
3 pcs of cleanser plus to remove leftover gel and enhance shining effect after UV gel nail curing
Combines cleaning and sanitizing into one simple procedure
Fast-acting anti fungal and antibacterial agents
Best cleanser for cleaning gel tools or brushes!!
There is link if you want to get this cleanser - LINK.

Do you prefer gel nail polishes or simple nail polishes?


  1. I'm not sure which my wife uses

    1. well if she paints nails every a few days she use usual ones, but if she does once in a few weeks it's gel nail polishes.

  2. If it doesn'r smell... I must try it!


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