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Thursday, August 3, 2017


If to believe in everything Internet psychologists say, Instagram is worse than Apocalypse for humanity. But, hey! It's just a social media which can be fun and even useful if to use it right. 
I want to you a good side of Instagram and that a bad side isn't that bad as people say.

✨ Mostly, I hear the biggest problem of Instaworld that people don't want to leave it. I mean they check new photos in their feed or how many likes got their photos too often.
But honestly, that's not a fuilt of Instagram, it's laziness of people and I swear if Instagram didn't exist, they would find something another fun to do instead doing something important they must do.

✨ Another one big problem of users of Instagram is being jelous, because photos look too perfect. Most of popular instagrammers have perfect body, perfect clothes, expensive houses / appartment and cars, even their food look like a piece of art... But there are two reason why I should say ''Stay before to get depressed that you and your life look zero as what you see in your feed''. First - it's because people show the best moments in their life, second - there is a thing like photoshop or other retouching photoeditors... Even filters can make everything look so much better!

✨ It's one of the best app to edit photos in. It has one of the best (and free!!!) filters. And Instagram photo tools  just rule, there is everything you need (except if you want to change something in you on a photo haha).

✨ It's sort of album of your life. It seems pretty cool to have a place where are all your favourite photos. Plus, it's easy to find a photo you need.

✨ It's can be useful for your job or even become your job if you don't have one. There are lot of sucessful shop or just accounts that make money on ads if they have a big amount of followers. But it takes a lot of time and work before you'll get something from it.

✨ You can drive traffic on your new posts on the blog. If to write about you new post in description of your photos that can make some people to be interested and they will check your blog.

✨ I would say Instagram is the most inspirational social media, not only because pretty pics in it, but it inspires to look and dress prettier, to visit new places, to work at yourself and everything around you. Sometimes it inspire me also to cook something pretty and tasty too.

What do you think about Instagram?


  1. I absolutely love Instagram; it's my favorite form of social media. I find the people there very supportive. I like that it's more artistic and everyone works harder to make their photographs beautiful. I love to look at beautiful photos like yours above. Wow! Gorgeous!

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