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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Highlighter - LINK (CLICK HERE)

Hello, guys. Do you remember in June I was writing in my Fashion / Beauty goals for summer I was writing about that I would like to try a highligher? As I said I was used white glitter shadows before but it's not that pigmentive or too white. So finally I found on one of the online stores what I was looking for. Shade of this highlighter looked very cool. Usually I saw only white ones at stores. At that online store I buyed this highlighter (that was Rose Gal (click to check the shop out)) were two shades - mine, as you see on the photos and pink shade. As I don't use blushes, so I decided to get lighter one. 

I won't make you wait forever to find out if I like the highlighter or not (any way, you saw the title of this post. Firsly, it easy to use - as we use lipstick, but we need to blend also, as we it with a foundation. Secondly, it's super pigmentive, so if you looking for bright higlighter, this one is perfect. Though you can use a little product to get lighter effect that will be better for everyday makeup. By the way on the photo above (where's my face) I don't use much of products (but you still can use even less of product. 
I was worried if it will work for my pale face, we it works, though it works better for nose, lips than cheekbones. Any way, I can't wait to try on more tanned skin after when I will do all hospital businesses. 

Do you like highlighters? What do you think about this one?


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