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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hello guys, I'm not in a hospital yet haha! So I would like to share with you this post about things I wish knew a few years ago.
I already wrote a similar post a few months ago about my early teens, so I thought it's time to do second part. By the way, this one was more easy for me, cause it wasn't that long time ago and I remember many thing I did wrong.

👎 Friends who use you for something are not your friends. I had a friend that always asked me for money, I paid for her in 100% of situations, I even paid for her food and a freaking bus. She always had no money and I really loved her as my bestfriend, so of course I was helping her. And one evening she called me and asked if I can borrow one expensive thing, I was not sure about it and I needed to ask my parents cause they bought it and they said no, so I tell her that I'm sorry but I can't do it and he hung up the phone, I thought it's bad connection and tried to call and she didn't answer all days I was calling. That week I lost two closest people I was depressed as never before. I think it was a real depression that lasted around 4 monthd untill winter holidays.

👀 I wish I knew when I was 16 that I'm pretty without black eyeshadows I was wearing everyday. 

📖 It's useless to enter to faculty that is not interesting for you and you're not going to have a work that will need a degree from that faculty. I wish parents said me to prepare good one year and to try to enter to ''my dream faculty'' the next year.

✏ Fake eyebrows aren't cool. When I was 15-16 I liked that they looked fake cause it was sort of ''look, I use makeup, I'm cool'' and now when I see people with bright brows that they painted I can't focus on their eyes, I'm always staring at their eyebrows and feel awkward about it.

👄 I wish I put braces when it was possible. I have some fake teeth now, so I can't put them, at least, upper one

💍 I wish somebody teach me before how to wear jewelry right. I wore already very bright clothes with eye-catching jewelry. Or collars jewelries with sweater  that already have a collar e.t.c. It was kind of clown style.

💆 I wish I had better care for my face / skin, used more products for making it heathier.

💘 Don't believe in everything boys say to you. Especially if you've only met them.

😂 Don't do stupid things you will regret later!!!


  1. great post ! Many things I wish I knew too :)

  2. I will say, as a man I hate seeing fake eyebrows. Women are better with none that drawn on ones

    1. And as a woman I prefer golden middle, though there are people that look great with fake ones!

  3. I wish I took better care of my skin too

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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