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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Witch hoodie - LINK
Velvet chocker - LINK
Sunglasses (in my hands:D ) - LINK

This post is second part of previous post, as I definetely took too many pictures for one post when I was in the village, so I could use them even in other future posts. 
By the way, I was talking about that I'm going to live in a hospital a few weeks. Actually a doctor allowed me to be home but go to the hospital when they need me during this time, so I was on Friday there and on I need to be there and to do a lot of things on Monday. Should be ready at 7 a.m. Whoah!

I want to be also a little fashion blogger and to talk about outfit. Actually in July I loooved to watch Harry Potter, still didn't re-watched all parts, but I was so inspired by movies that wanted something cool to wear that will remind about Harry Potter. I was thinking to buy a scarf like students wear in the movies, but found this hoodie and fell in love. It's so perfect! Especially for autumn that will be soon, though it wasn't hot that evening I took these photos, so I still felt comfortable in it.
I love that it's actually have a hood you can see in the previous post, bottow sides that make it look a little like a dress... or robe. I don't know but it's my favourite part about it.
And quote is really cute and have a Halloween vibe that is my love.
About leggings  I wear on these photos I will tell about in future posts but can already say that they're my favourite ever. I'm so obsessed with lace!
From accessories I wear a simple black chocker with a white bead that reminds me of perls. And my favourite crystal I used to wear a lot the last year, but it destroyed, but I found my old silver chain that perfectly suits to the crystal.
The last jewelry is my new earring (yes, one) which is beautiful, I'll show clother in next posts.


  1. My wife has a harry potter halloween costume already bought for this year

  2. Thank you very much for your visits, I love your last post!!!kiss

  3. I loved this the top, Frequent Flyer is something that I like so much! And the color, I love it! You look so beautiful! Why do you need to live in the hopsital? I guess I have missed some news here. I hope you are fine!

    1. For doing documents that comfirm that I have dissabilities. Everything is ok.

  4. Like that idea of the broomstick for a frequent flyer :-)


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