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Friday, August 25, 2017


Hello friends! Today will be type of post I didn't a while - I'll show you how to make a cute DIY tree you can make for yourself or it can be an interesting gift for somebody you love.
Actually I saw many similar ones at stores but DIY gifts that made with heart is so much more cute. Right? At least, I love them. Even in my childhood I was more happy to get handwritting cards than presents huh.

This tree was specially made for my aut which birthday was around 20 day ago but these days I don't have time to post it. Even now, it's midnight and around in 6 a.m. I already should wake up and go to the hospital. So I will try to write short.

Step 1. You should find a stick of size you want your hart was, it's can be a limb that easy to find on the street. That will be look better and more natural, as a real tree.
Step 2. We need to make top of our tree. Just make a paper ball (you can use old magazines, as me). Fix it with treads and glue.
Step 3. Maybe you have a spare pot for plants? No? Than it will be even more funny! Make your own! You can make it from a jar or whatever you have. Just decorate it with fabrics and beads (or something else). You can make a bow or to glue a fake flower. Mine idea of DIY pot below on the photos.
Step 4. You should have many little fake flowers. You can make it by yourself, but it will take a loooot of time. So I recommend to buy around -+40 pieces depend in sizes, of course.
Step 5. Add some beads, I recommend to use two sizes - I big ouse pretty a lot of big ones and a few little ones. It looks cute. Add some on the bottom (or flowers).
Step 6. Add a little detail that make it look so much cooler. I glued a fake ladybird. You can make the same with a butterfly or bird e.t.c
That's all, hope you like it and I didn't forget anything! ♥

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