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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Clothes with which I didn't have problems:
Printed lace leggings - (CLICK HERE) 
Witch hoodie - LINK
Velvet chocker - LINK
Sunglasses - LINK

  1. New bag don't suit to any clothes you have. That's rarely when somebody has a bag for every outfit.
  2. Or shoes. Actually I have total black outfit and pink sneakers. Felt a littlre bit awkward, but they are comfortable.
  3. Free clothes add +10 kg. All free clothes on me looks like a fail.
  4. Or when you get a new pretty item but it's so tight that you're still feel super fat. Or clothes are that tight that everybody can see your underwear.
  5. Too boring without jewelries but you don't have any jewelry that look good with it.
  6.  Who's stealing second sock after washing? I have like a million of socks and they all are different.
  7. When you get a perfect outfit for tommorow in the evening but in the morning (when light is better) you see that your clothes are dirty and you should choose other clothes although you have no time.
  8. When you leave home in the morning when it's cold and you wear warm outfit but in midday it becomes super hot. It happens like everyday now. And whole September is like that.
  9. When you shoe size something between adult's size and kid's size so shops don't have shoes of your size.
  10. White clothes is one big problem.
  11. When you think you have pockets, but turned out they were fake.
  12. Different size clothes. I can't remember all of them! That ''S, M, L'' is the worst one. Sometimes L can be small for and sometimes big even for my dad.
  13. Some clothes have instructions you need remember. There are always clothes in closet which need hand washing only, cold water only, keep it very neatly... and better don't touch it.


  1. I always hate trying to find socks too. They seem to vanish

  2. It's sooooo true all you wrote! The socks disappear, i say it's a leprechaun that got it :) and the clothes we see in the evening, in the morning are very different from reality :) all so true :) Hope you have a beautiful day!

  3. У меня тоже постоянно носки теряются бесследно)) Очень круто выглядишь!


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