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Monday, August 14, 2017


Hello, today I'm going to a hospital I was talking about in the previous post, so I don't know how long I should be there and when I will blog again. But as I said maybe doctors will give me ability to spent time out of the hospital. I hope it will be real!
Cause I know how boring is to be in hospitals, I was around 3 weeks in hospital in 2011, because I needed operation then.
So I decided to make this little post with short strange facts before. Maybe someone can relate some of these to them or am I really weird?
  1. I don't have photos on my laptop, phone or camera at all. I don't see a point in this in 2017. I never save pictures fronm the Internet too. If I like something I post it on social media or in digital albums and that's all.
  2. I don't feel pain on bottom of my legs. When I was born I didn't feel my legs at all and even not very long time I still didn't feel pain to the knees and I liked it haha. But it definetely good progress that I already don't feel pain only on small part of the legs.
  3. When I was in early teenage years I used to do my first everyday makeup looks. I had no idea how other girls use a mascara and still don't destroy the whole eye makeup so I just used eyeshadows, pink was my favourite. And you know eyeshadows without a mascara is real fail. Especially pink ones.
  4. Most of my clothes from thrift stores. I love that there you can find cool fashionable clothes that cost in a few times less than in other shop. Anyway most of shops in my town have bad quality and delivered from Turkey or China, so thrift stores rule.
  5. I forget the сhange on a cash desk all the time ... and sometimes even things I bought. I had one awkward situation when I had money only in big denomations but needed to buy cheap things before Christmas, so of course I should get big change back from it, but as you understood I forget about it and went to the door. I felt that somebody is staring at me from the back too strong, I turned around and saw how around ten people in line and saleslady look at me with very weird sight. They probably thought either I'm rich... or stupid. Yeah, second one. Two years still one of most awkwardest moments in my life.
  6. I LOVE TO WALK WHEN IT'S RAINY!!! I used to walk like this on my birthday the last time a week ago and I enjoyed it.
  7. I prefer cheap restourants, cause mostly their food taste better and it has taste of home.
  8. I can't drink hot drinks at all, like tea/coffee/whatever just should be a little warm or I'll couldn't drink them.
  9. I'm slow reader and watcher. I mean it happens very often that I re-read same pages over and over, cause I don't want to miss any little details, same with re-watching some moments in movies.
  10. Have you seen this ice cream on these photos? It was inspired by ice cream I saw but prices were too high, so I decided to do it by myself and you know what? I payed twice more for buying all stuff for this LOL.


  1. That is really weird that you dont keep any photos haha

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I thought it's the most normal of them all haha

  2. I've never understand the fascination with hot drinks as well. I prefer drinks I can down in just a few seconds.

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