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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Recently I finished to read ''The book thief'' and watched the movie, such an incredible book, but after reading, the movie wasn't that good. So I defenetely recommend the book! Who have read / watched this?

Hello world! Finally I'm back! Repairing of my laptop took a little bit more of time than I was thinking it will take. I can't believe it have been 20 days since my last post on this blog. Almost all July!
It's a little crazy that the first part of 2017 is over, but I think it's not the reason to be sad and better to create a plan how to make second part the best one.
Personally I prefer second part, because with starts the best warmest part when most of people go on vacations, my favourite month August in which I was born many years ago;) Of course I'm in love with autumn, with its beauty and cosy vibe. And December is simple the best too because that's the start of winter holidays. What's your favourite part and why?

1. Check your goals your wrote before the new year started out. Re-write goals you didn't make and still want to do. Count the time you have for them. You always should write finale date for any goals if you will always think that you have a lot of time and won't make them your reality.

2. Go the neigbour town you've never been before or at least in new places of yours. I'm going to do both before the cold weather. Also I though about taking photos of my favourite of my town and wrote about this post but I'm not sure if it's can be interesting to somebody.

3. Try new hobby. That's can be anything you want, but I recommend to try to do what you really always wanted to do but forgot about this, like maybe learning to play an instrument or to improve your drawing skills. Or maybe try something useful like making jewelry or cute cakes. My sister's hobby became her job like 6 or more years ago and she's so glad she tried it.

4. Take photos of little details you like of your days. Maybe you even can start to take photos everyday. You will always have photos-reminders of things you like that will make your smile.
Sometimes I think I just wasted my summer or any other but then I see on photos I took and recollect all cool memories I would forget without photos.

5. Try challeges, like a month of healthy food or fitness (or something else you want). Useful and fun.

6. Sometimes on the Internet I see lists like ''movies (or books) that changed my life''. Check these list. You definetely will find something you will love and maybe will became better version of yourself.

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