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Monday, July 31, 2017


It's weird but since today it's one month to autumn, so I was thinking that I need to make a plan what I want to do before summer is over, it's still sunny, warm and more of free time (the last one isn't actually true for me but anyways...).
Btw as I don't go to university exactly in first days of September I can count September as another one month of summer... if it will be warm, so I really hope it will, cause my whole June was about studying.

Keep being calm in stressfull situation. It's so hard when so many nervous angry pople around you, but I'm almost a pro in it.

Post at least 5 posts a week. I could be posting even more, but mostly I just write the next post after I've got enougth view on the previous post. Nobody want to write if nobody read it, right?

To write posts I'm planning to write a while. I write a lot of lists recently, I seriously should stop, but now I still have ideas for this type of posts. Sorry not sorry.

Get a perfect tan. I've already got a little tan this month with a help of sun and bronzers, but I'm far away from skin I want yet.

I need to learn bunch of English words. I used to watch a pretty lot of movies in English this month I watched only in Ukrainian before. But I was rarely learning new words from them, so I will learn hard them this month.

To watch more movies in English. I swear that I probably will never could watch American / English movies in Ukrainian or Russian languages again. Translaters translate everything wrong and it changes a little plot, delete jokes and just cool phrases.

To read some cool books. If you're interested I'm going to read at least all books from Silver: Dream on trilogy by Kerstin Gier and Oh Danny Boy in English. By the way I started first book of the trilogy. So girly and so teenage, also it's about dreams and mystery, so I defenetely like this book.

To have a nice birthday and not being nervous about turning new age as the last year... any way, I already turned 20 the last year, nothing worse can't happen this year. I still don't know how it's happened, since 2014 years bacame fast as crazy, so I don't feel more than 17.

Not to be lazy and to have as a productive month as it's possible. It's the main one!

To have better face / body care. I already started and my skin became so much better, but I should do more of it.

Do you have some special challanges before autumn?


  1. I hope you able to accomplish all of these goals.

    Candice Beauty Candy Loves

    1. thank you, I think I will they're not that hard!

  2. There some things I notice in movies and tv shows that would probably be impossible to translate. I agree

  3. Very nice goals! I think that watching movies in English will give you a lot of vocabulary, go on, studying is very nice! Hope you have a very lovely day!


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