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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Hello guys, it wasn't too long since the last time I wrote on the blog. And today I'm inspired to talk about fashion so I thought it will be fun to tell my ''NOTs'' in clothes. Also I'm interested in yours too, so leave your comment below.
Son let's start the list!
1. T-shirts with inscriptions that already annoy everyone (or is it just me?). At least something like ''ok, but first coffee'' or ''I have no tits'' are really annoying. That reminds wearing a ''super'' trend that everyone's wearing. Boring!
 2. Clothes that hide your shape too hard. I was having similar clothes and know how it makes look body so much bigger and not valid.
 3. Real fur coat. Like why people spent so much of money on fur of dead animals and how they feel about wearing it? I don't understand it and belive that in future people will stop doing this. Good faux fur can be even prettier and warmer, so there is no sense to kill poor rabbits and foxes.
 4. Something that is too 00s.  That's 2017 and thanks to gods of fashion we have better fashion trends than had 10 years ago.
Though I miss some clothes that were popular when I was a kid. But mostly 00s trends are big mistakes of who created them, at least it looked fun.
 5. Leopard print. I never liked this or any other popular animal prints. I have association that people who wear it just don't have good taste or they don't have any other clothes to wear.


  1. Some of the t shirt ones I don't get much either

  2. Leo print can be cool sometimes. Love it in accessories.

    1. I don't like leo sweaters and dresses mostly.

  3. UGH i feel you - i hate over-done printed tees they do my head in!xx

    mia //


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