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Friday, June 9, 2017

NEW ACCESSORIES | thrift store haul

Hello guys, how your summer? While the I'm not very active in the blogging I visited thrift stores. Even when I don't need anything, I always find something that I still need from there. Even tommorow probably if it will be work I need to find something for present. That is one the best places to find interesting and unusual things.
For this post I will show only accessories.
The first thing is this beautiful ring. I found it and fell in love. I even haven't tried that it's pretty tight and it didn't had one of ''brilliants''. But I aleady fixed it. It was probably the reason why it was cheap and in the thrift shop at all.
Next one is a bracelet that's perfect for summer. It reminds me of beach and sea so much. Looks so good with pastel colors outfits.
I needed something that will goo with my snickers, cause they're bright and even become neon at night. So I thought it will be nice to choose a scarf, but I found too - one has the same colour as my snickers and the ssecond one is neon.
They were almost free. Count that they were free.

Those are the cutest socks I saw in my life.
That's all with a trift store so I would like to get my first birthday gifts, from my aunt. Love these shoes. I even wore these warm boots because were really cold days in May.


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