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Monday, June 19, 2017


A few weeks ago in one sunny warm day I've got a lot work to do, so of course I stayed home to do it all. That day my aunt visited and after finding me in my room with the laptop, she immediately made conclusion and started console me. She talked that I should stop being a pessimist and she knows people with worse health that went from the bottom to the top. I was so confused why she's talking that all to me. Fun thing we met nearby a shop after grosery shopping on the next day and she said that she's happy that I listened to her and started to go out. That's so funny that she thought I rarely walk. So I made conclusion that people have a lot of myths about people with disabilities in their head and since that time I wanted to write this post to talk about some of them.

Health is our main problem in life. Honestly, I'm such a ''lucky'' human who has a bunch of problems that even don't have time to think that my health with which one I was born and live all life is my another problem. I'm like too busy to complain about things I can't change.
We're always sad and depressive. A few of the most optimistic people I've ever met have disabilities. My life experience showed me that most of them are big optimists.
We don't dream big. I have feeling like some people think we don't have dreams, goals, we like sort of waiting for death because life is sad and not fair. Haha. Most of us have dreams (and they are not about better health). Most of people I've met are big dreamers.
People with disabilities don't have chances to do something big in their life. I know a few people who has very bad health but they did unbelievable things. That's so inspirational! So it answers at question about dreams too, because everything begins with a thought.
Disabilities are always visible. My main disability isn't visible at all, so we can't say if a human has a great health or not just because we see that human.
The lives of people with disabilities are totally different than the lives of people without disabilities. Everything is the same, but we have some difficult situations because our health.
We love when people feel sorry about us. No, no, no... Never say that I'm poor, nothing makes me more angry than that.
We're very strong. I needed add something good too. Sometime I hear from people that I'm strong, but actually I don't think so. I just adapted to life I have, because I always was like that and don't know that everything can be different.
My health doesn't makes me strong and weak, it's just part of me.
Most of our friends have disabilities. We find friends in places we spent most of our time, so If you don't go to special school or job, I doubt most of your friends have disabilities.
Our husband / wife should have similar disabilities. That's like to say ''you're a teacher, so you should find a boyfriend who's a teacher too''. Like no sense. And that's very hard. I've met a guy around my age and with similiar health problems only once in my life and that isn't fact we could be together. That's just only about love, not something else.
We always talk about our health. 99,9% of time I don't talk about it. Ask my friend!
If you have disabilities, you've made something very bad in your previous life. Well, nobody can be sure in it, but I'm almost sure that's just the worst myth. If I'm not bad in this life, I doubt I was awful in previous one and killed somebody or something like that.

That were the most common things I hear. Hope it was interesting!


  1. I know that a lot of deaf people usually find other deaf people. But could you imagine two blind people together? They'd need at least one person to take care of them both.

    1. True, never seen couple where both are blind.

  2. I've a physical disability and I don't talk about my health all the time. Love this post because it's really true!

    1. I had no idea, you look so good! Yes, talks about health is more thing for old people.

  3. intersting :)


  4. I love your thoughts, this post is really interesting!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Your post is so thoughtful and true! Thanks a lot!
    And your outfit is cute.
    xx Rena


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