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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


How your first summer days? Summer didn't start for me, I still have some exams and everything is pretty chaotic yet. I really hope that everything will be more calm very soon. Have hopes for already June.
Before I'll tell about my plans / hopes for this summer, I wanted to recall a little the previous summer, that one was pretty fun and busy. I remember that I even blogged not very often (as in this period too). But as I said when everything will be not so chaotic, I will be active again.

I had the strangest start of the summer the last year. I was babysitting with my niece in my sister's home and trying to fix camera and took a picture of ghost man I haven't seen. Firstly, I thought that was my niece on the photo, but then realized that she can't have black hair even if it was pretty dark light there and she wasn't dressed like that. 
The next month I found out that things even more scary cause my niece's doll looks the same as that ghost (exept face). I slept a few first night with light.
Another sad thing happened a little bit later. Though I was ready for it and knew that happened, cause that was the time. My hamster that was with me around 2 years passed away. The one another strange thing happened again. One morning I still heard that he's moving and heard the noise from him and then - the sound of bell just in my room. I don't know what it was but it's scary and I woke up and saw that he died.
In July I went to American English courses and that was really nice time. I met a lot of cool people and my English became way better just in 2 weeks. So sad we haven't this event in my town this summer.
Just after courses I visited the city I haven't seen so many years. I used to live therea few months. We wanted to see at the best fountain show in Europe but it was closer #winnersofthislife. Well that wasn't main purpose of our little trip.
Of course in August I had my 20th birthday and was so scared to turn this age and still don't feel comfortable when I should say my age to someone.
Also in August I've got two rats as present. And turned out that one was pregnant (and have a birth around 14 rats... probably) and one was very sick and I medecines didn't save him.
I remember that summer as bright one, it gave different emotions. That wasn't boring.

Well it was pretty long, so it's some of my short hopes for this summer:
1. I hope everything will be on their places like it was in the start of the 
2. I want in near future to become an active blogger again.
3. Hope I will have enough time to relax from the people and have a little bit of time with just myself. It's tiring to have around many negative and loud people.
4. Hope I took nice summer photos. My goal is to took more than I took in 2016. 
5. After finishing important plans in the city I want to have a few days in the village and I want to get there too. I'm so pale. Previous summer was the coldest one, so I couldn't do it.
6. I want to visit at least one new city. I have plans where I want to go. Also I'm excited that it will be easier to visit other countries of Europe for Ukrainians. Well, I hope in near future! My aunt invited me to her to Italy but I'm not sure if I want to somewhere where I was.
7. I want to read interesting as many as possible. Any ways I bought some, so I can't wait when I'll read them.
8. To choose what shows I want to watch this summer, I want to re-watch ''Friends'' as I did in 2013 but in English for this time. It will be replacement of English language courses hehe.
9. Hope that I will do important businesses sucessful.
10. To change something in myself in and out for better.
11. Finish things that I started.

Guys, what's your plans for summer? 


  1. These are some really great aspirations to have!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Summer doesn't start for me neither. Your plans look interesting!

  3. I often forget that most american sitcoms are dubbed in foreign countries.


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