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Friday, June 16, 2017


Hello. Hope you're enjoying your summer. Next week will be the last study week, after this I'm official free and will have a normal (I hope) summer.
In summer I have a different morning routine. Because that isn't not that cold anymore, so I don't want to be under blanket forever. Nature and warm weather inspire to be active. And summer sunsets are prettiest ones.
I want to share my summer morning routine:

💖 Try to wake up early a few days. And you will fall in love with magic of morning's silence and sunsets. That feels like you're alone on the world (except a few people who like morning running). One bad thing about morning walks that everything is closed yet.
💖 Clean in the evening. First ''because'' in the evening it's easier to do and you don't wake anybody up and second and most important ''because'' that it will give you a good mood in the evening. Mood in the evening decides almost your all day mood.
💖 And prepare your bag and outfit in the evening. That will take less time if you won't choose and find thing in the last minute.
💖 Look at your exiting plans / goals for today you needed to write yesterday. That must you inspire your for today's day.
💖 Get up when you wake up. Anyway, you won't sleep anymore and if you will get up just after this you will have more energy and positive vibe around you.
💖 Open windows. Because fresh air is the most important thing for our health and bird's singing is so relaxing.
💖 Eat your favourite dessert after breakfast. Some people love to eat big breakfast, so doesn't. But anyway I recommend to have a dessert you like, because it cam make your mood for all day and our stomaches work so good before midday, so we can eat everything.
💖 Find an interesting morning show. Around two years ago I found a show that I really like so it gave me inspiration to wake up 3 houres earlier.
💖 Have a thought that it will be your lucky day and you will finish all your daily goals. It's like 50% of sucess.
💖 If you will wake up earlier than usually do, you will have extra time for thing probably you have no time for. Like reading books or watching series.


  1. I love waking up to a clean room so I always try to clean and put everything in its place before I go to bed! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Yeah, I was always doing this since childhood, but it's hard since my nieces lives with me since this spring.

  2. I hate morning when I have to getup so early. I dream to back to my bed :-D

  3. what a nice post:)
    happy weekend :)

  4. I sure didn't wake up early today, good thing I didn't need an alarm to be set

  5. I don't love waking up so early!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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