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Friday, June 30, 2017



P.S. This post is NOT sponsored and by for free I mean around one dollar.

My lushes always were what's I like in myself. I mean they never were super long or thick, or even dark, but they were still longer than most people have and it was enough for me to be glad with them. 
But the last autumn after a few months of using super waterproof mascara, I noticed I lost like half of my lushes and other ones are super dry and ugly. I looked like a human without lushes. So I was looking for something will help me. I was going to try some beauty products for lushes / brows, but first I tried some more natural ways to get. I wasn't sure if it will work, but after using a few weeks those drugstore products everything become better than was ever before - first, of course, it cured my lushes, they became normal and even longer and thicker than it was before I started to use that mascara. And I was wondered what that did with my brows. Finally I've got brows I wanted to have. My brows were always light and didn't grow where it's supposed to grow. It didn't look good at all. I hated them.  I used to draw with help of beauty products brows I don't really have. 
 After using the products I just correct a little. Like 5 seconds and they're ready. And when dye it I don't need at all. 
So what I used? I used castor oil, I bought it in a drugsore for around 25 cents. That's a price in Ukraine, but I'm sure it will be cheap in your country too. 
Another thing I used is aloe juice, you can buy it too, but I used juice of aloe plant I have. 
You should apply it at night on the bottom of your lushes and brows (especially on the part where you want your brows grow). It will take around one month for a good result.
Hope it was useful for someone! Good luck!


  1. Thanks fot all these tips. I must try them!

  2. I also have long lashes and people think they are fake - but no, it's genetic, I suppose. I sometimes noticed that when I m stressed they fall a bit, but I try not to be stressed :) Hope you have a nice week!


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