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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FASHION & BEAUTY Goals for THIS Summer

Hello, guys. Hope your summer is fun! A few days ago finally I've got my summer holidays and thought I'll back to active blogging, but boom - another problem... My laptop started to work as bad as never before. It can turns off every moment and it happens very often. Strange, as I had proffessional cleaning two months ago, and changed some details too. so I'm afraid that nothing will help and I need to buy a new one.
So tomorrow I'm going to go to a professional to see what to do next.

Anyways, I want to share some my other goals for this summer. Beauty and fashion ones for this time.
  1. Well, I want to cut my hair. Because mine is way too long. I even don't remember when I was doing in the last time.
  2. To try to use a higlighter. I tried white eyeshadow hack very rarely, but it's not the same. Btw, I already ordered one, hope it will be look good on me.
  3. Get a tan. I thought since June I will have time to go out of the town for a few days to do it, but all June was about exams and studying and next a few weeks I will be busy in hospitals to get documents I need. So hope it won't be too long.
  4. I would like to have experiments with hair colour. I mean a little bit, not exactly to change the colour.
  5. To try more hairstyles, not only one I always do. That's boring to the same hair every day.
  6. To wear colourful eyeshadows, cause if not in the summer, then when?
  7. To make a manicure more often. Recently. I forget about it at all.
  8. To wear less clothes.
  9. To wear more dresses.
Some of my favourite casual dresses for everyday I found online:
More of cheap maxi dresses om FashionMia. (link)

And a little bit of evening dresses for events:
More of evening dresses are here. (link)

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  1. Dresses are perfect for summer. I really love them!


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