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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The worst blogger of the spring

This spring is absolutely crazy that unfortuately can't even use any social medias and blog.
It became really hard cause I spend so much of my time with my relatives, especially my niece never leave me alone till the late night. And she talks  something all the time that very confuse me and I really can't write anything at all like seriously haha.
If everything will go as plans in the next month since the summer I will have a space and my free time again. I wish I had a time machine to be in June. It's so tiring. Also I've should to give my room for this time and its really hard to find things now.
But I'm going to be even more busy cause I can become a double aunt every hour (if not count kids of my cousins), cause it's already the time. Gosh it's so exiting. I thought it will happen a few days ago when I had a day with my sister and niece in one of the best aqua park in Europe that in our city, actually we weren't in the aquapark, we were in one cool room in that building, I will do a post about this later. It was such a few fun hours before my gums started to hurt so much a few days that it was impossibe to do anything even to sleep and eat. Medecines and daisy tea helped so it didn't last very long.
The day later my aunt from Italy visited us after two years, she will be a few weeks here. She's closest to me from all my relatives, cause we're only two people in our family optimists that never angry at anyone, so she said the joke that actually I'm her daughter lol. We're both Lions, so definetely understand each other.
Btw, about family... my niece made such a cute short makeup tutorial video on my account ( @_anna_alina), so you can check it out if you like. That was funny to do... I mean I was doing exept filming and giving my cosmetics.
And also we were celebrating "two days" my grandmother's 76th or 77th birthday (I say the same thing every year, but if you don't know she actually doesn't know when she was born as it were years of war and her mother (my grandmother I have unfortunately never seen) didn't remember the right year. A little strange.
Any ways writing this pretty long post made my waiting for Eurovision way shorter. I'm very exiting of the second show in a few minutes and can't wait for a final show in two days aaa. One of the best music contests, if not the best one. You should check this out if you didn't before yet, you'll find new amazing to listen. 
I'm proud that contest in Ukraine this year, I love the stage, so pretty ( but a bit short:/), I don't know why if it's the most expensive Eurovision show yet, they built so small stage haha.
Btw I'm upset that one of my favourite contesters didn't win and many contesters had no voice. Any way, I have a hope for today's show and 5 new contesters in finale.
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  2. I need more time too and a machine to be in August could be a great idea!

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