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Thursday, May 18, 2017


That's a sort of throw back posts, because I took all these photos around 2 weeks ago, but now I can't post very often yet. But I wanted to share these photos any way, although I didn't take a camera, only phone and there were awful light.
As that were last days of being pregnant for my sister (yes, I have a little nephew now, I'll write about this in the next post), so she wanted to go somewhere to have fun while she can, as with a little child it's very hard. So we went with her older daughter to Joyland (a new place with a million of slot-machines, carousels, trampolines and labyrinths). It's in the same building that our aquapark, one of the best in Europe. I wasn't in it, but have seen, as it has transparent walls and I saw on TV too. Maybe I'll visit it one day, but I think aquaparks on open air are so much cooler. I was in Italian ones, that was really cool.
So we had a few fun houres there and were tired exept my niece, she didn't want to leave and was so sad and angry that we should leave. It was my first time there, so I was wondered how pretty and modern this place. Btw, the first time is free if you get invitation letter on your phone. I would like to go to the labyrinths (especially, in a mirror one) and in a scary room there.
That very reminds me of times when I played slot-machines mostly everyday at age 10-14 as my sister with her husband (then boyfriend) were bartendersa in a similar place.
I remember how my sister called me to go to her work, as one famous artist will perform there, but my homeworks weren't done, so I was doing my homework on a bar counter.


  1. It looks like a funny day!

  2. cool arcade

    you look very beautiful


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