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Saturday, May 27, 2017


  1. Brushing hair is longest thing I do when I'm going to go somewhere. lile 50 times longer than I'm doing my makeup.
  2. Windy weather is not the best weather to go somewhere if you're hair is pretty long.
  3. I can't even see laces to lace my sneakers.
  4. My hair is too heavy for ponytails. Everytime I do a high polytail, it falls down just in 20 minutes. So I never do this anymore... It's not comfortable and I feel a pain. It doesn't worth it.
  5. Everyone say to that you need to do pretty braids all the time. Not everyone can do it.  I tried a million times. It's not my thing. I'm makeup person more.
  6. It's easier to have a bad hair day with long hair. 
  7. Some people say to cut it because it's ''too hard'' or you will look better with shorter hair.
  8. Hair stucks in everything.
  9. Or everything stucks in hair. I had often struggles with the bubblegum in my hair when I was a kid. And it's impossible to take it off from hair.
  10. Only people with long hair know why better not to go close to trees.
  11. It's impossible to tug all your hair out from a scarf or a jacket
  12. Hair + lipstick = you know.
  13. You need like a million bobby pins to make a bun.
  14. We need 5 towels to dry our hair. I mean to make the water at least not drop on the floor.


  1. Hair and lipstick, or worse, hair and lip gloss... I know it!

    1. I meant it! But some lipstick do the same with the hair as lipgloss.

  2. Very few women can pull off a short hair-style I find. My wife never lets her get too long. She usually wears the ponytail though

    1. I notice, it's probably comfortable if she doesn't have too long hair)


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