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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I decided to continue my post about problems of short people that seems most of you liked, but for this time I'll tell about positive side of being short! ♥

You can buy clothes in kids / petite department. And it's no only more of choice, but also cheaper!

Little stairs problem isn't a problem for who has little shoe size. Though sometimes I see small stairs even for me. That mean that only kids can go that way only or what?
Most of people think it's cute and I agree. Mostly tall people look cool to me, and short ones look super cute.
If you're short girl, there almost no chances to find a guy who's shorter than you, so you shouldn't worry about this.

You fit in small places. That helps in little cars or when I play with my niece.

Most of men prefer short girls more than tall girls. Rarely when men like that their girlfriend is taller than him.

A little bit of health facts:

According to one neuroscientist, taller people take about one-tenth of a second longer to perceive sensory information.

Being short carries a reduced risk of cancer. According to researchers, the cancer risk for men increases by 11 per cent for every extra 10cm of height, whilst rising for women by a shocking 18pc per 10cm.

If you are short, you are likely to live longer.

Being short puts you at lower risk of heat exhaustion or sun stroke.


  1. I've been with one girl who was a bit taller than me. She was probably 6foot (182.88cm) even and that's with shoes off. It was a little awkward.

  2. I didn't know that if you are short, you're likely to live longer. I have to say that fact to my mum. She's quite short!

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