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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


What to do exept taking selfies when you're waiting for your dentist in his cabinet?;)

Yesterday I felt a little awkward when I went back home from my dentist. Hehe. In front of me were a woman with a boy and that boy looked at me and said ''look this is woman is so short''. I was confused because his mother was around my height and woman that walked around me way shorter than me. But he was 100% pointing on me. Yeah, it's comfusing. And I'm not that even too short to scream about. My height is around 159 cm. that is around 5.2 ft. Just 5 cm less than the middle height in Europe and in America (164 cm.).
Btw, that's happened 3rd or 4th time with me - when kids say I'm very short. The last time before this one a really short kid just went close to me and asked why I'm so short. I just answered that actually I'm normal. I was with my dad and he was very angry at that child and was confused and suprised even more than me haha.
It's strange, cause when I was a child, my sister seemed really tall to me, although now she's just 3 cm. taller than me, so I had no idea why I seem short to little kids:D Any way, it inspired me to this post.

  • Jeans are always long. Mostly, very long. I'm so lucky to have my grandmother that does from pants I buy pants of my size. But that doesn't work with all pants if there is a print or something pretty on bottom.
  • And tops often look on me as dresses. That awkward situation when you like a sweater but it will be looks as knited dress on you.
  • Tall people talk about your height too often. Just some of them. That's annoying and really dumb.
  • You always need a chair to get something from high shelves. If it doesn't help you need a table hehe.
  • Often on photos legs look super short, so there is only way to take photos - from bottom, but there is other problem that from bottom face doesn't look as good as from top. 
  • Some clothes you like, don't suit to your height. Like my favoutrite long cardigans and even when I have very long hair (like now).
  • It feels like you're forever child.
  • It feels super awkward when around you only tall people, as I said it feels like you're still child or something wrong with you. Especially if it's tall women.
  • Some people think that height of models are only right height and to be short is a bad thing. I feel very awkward with them. Good that those people in past and I'm already clever enough now to be friends with people who care about such things like height. I find them strange. 
  • Hard to find shoes. I have size 35, but wear only always size 36 cause my size hard to find.


  1. haha, I'm even shorter than you (1,57) and shoe size is 35,5 ;)
    some tips:
    - for jeans/pants: on asos there's a tool where you can enter your height and weight and it'll give you the size you should order. plus, they've got a petite range for tiny women like us!
    - for shoes: kids department. and browse amazon. 35 is such a rare size, some bargains are waiting! and I use insoles for shoes I bought too large.
    hope this helps :)

    1. The last time I checked Asos it hadn't delivery to Ukraine, but now I found out that there is delivery now. I'll try one day when I'll need new clothes.

    2. Thanks for such a helpful comment!

  2. Such a nice and open post, well done dear!



  3. It's so true, I am the same height as you and people are always saying "you are so short"! And who cares! I used to care, but now not anymore. Though yes, jeans are always long, I wear shoes one size up and tops look like dresses :) But we are fine the way we are, believe that!

    1. The same with me! I cared about this so much in school. Even on my prom, as I wore snickers to my prom dress and I was like 2 heads shorter than anyone else.

  4. at 5'1" i can totally relate. pants are always needing to be hemmed. :o

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

    1. Exept if to buy pants for ''little girls''.

  5. Little kids can also be rather dumb

    girls can be short and it's not that much of a big deal.

    Men can't be short and make it off easy.

    Like we have a coworker named Jeff and he's probably your height but as a male that's not very good. Women don't respect you very much if you're short. Some women won't date a man shorter than them.

    There's a cashier who's very cute and she joked about his short height and he's a good bit taller than her. I thought it was pretty darn ironic and funny.

    In metric I'm about 170-180cm, my wife is 146cm

    1. Agree with you.

      I know it's hard to find girlfriends to short boys. I know some that had like one girlfriend although they're almost 30 years old.

      I noticed that Daisy is very petite.

  6. I understand you but tall people have problems too... I have a friend that is really tall and she has problems with the trousers too!

    1. my friend (girl) 20 cm taller than me, so I know..)


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