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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hello guys, I wanted to write even another post the day I wrote on the blog the last time. But I was so busy with babysitting with my niece and spenting a few hours everyday in a dentist. Finally after two weeks finally they made my teeth tommorow and I look like a human. I never thought that it will be so long. I thought it will take like 2 days.
Any ways I'm glad that I won't go anymore to this dentist anymore, cause it's the worst dentist I had in my life. He's in his 60's and his hands shake like all the time. He hurted not only my gums with a drill, but hard palate. He was just drilling in my hard palate. And he does everything not properly. Plus, he talks strange things all the time... like really strange things without point. Ah I'm glad that's over and that I'm gonna have more time for blogging.

In this post I want to share my favourites I wear this spring. In next posts I will show in my outfits, but now I will tell about things I really like to wear since it became really warm (exept a few recent days).
First one I started to wear this hat since first days of spring, as it was actually the time when spring started, not in the end of April as usually.
It was my little dream to have a hat like this one. I think they're super elegant. And perfectly suits to my coat. I will took pictures of this look while it's cold rainy days. Actually it was that cold yesterday that even I was cold in the coat, it's strange after like two weeks of crazy sun and +20 C.
I think this hat is really nice for this super cheap price. I was looking for hat in a thrift shop and even there were more expensive prices. 
Though hat's not the same as on photos on brand's store, but I even didn't notice this before, so whatever. You can check this hat just CLICK HERE .
Another thing from my my favourite new accessorises is this bag. I really love everything about this one, although I needed to change the chain, as for some reasons it's broke. I almost lost on the street this cutest pom pom, but good that kind people said me that it fell.
I really like the colour and type of the bag. Thi bag will bw look great with everything. I wanted to a ''classic'' black bag, but when I have seen this one, I understood that love this bag in grey colour more.
Btw, you can wear it in two different ways, but I prefer this one as on my photo, another way you can find on the online store CLICK HERE .
Also I decided to decorate my denim jacket with some patches. I adore how it looks, I really needed to buy more cause they were very cheap, shipping even was around the same price, as parcel I brought some with my favourite music bands, batman sign and ''punks aren't dead'' patch. 
I'm sure I'll bring some more of different patches the next time, I saw some cute ones. 
I bought it in Ukrainian rock store with only shipping to Ukraine.


  1. А можна силку на цей український магазин з нашивками?:) х

    1. Я відчувала що все таки потрібно написати цей сайт також, але не написала бо майже всі відвідувачі сайу з США.

      Нашивки дуже дешеві - по 15 грн, якась одна з них була 30, на інших сайтах ці самі були дорожчими.

  2. I love patches and they're great for customizing!


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