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Friday, April 21, 2017


As most of my photos took by myself, maybe some people will be interested in some tips after my a few yeas experience. When I started my first blog I was worried who will take all threse photos and who take all these photos of fashion bloggers everyday. Now I know answers and I'm sure you don't need a photographer if you want to have pretty blog or Instagram. Taking photos alone have their own pluses and for me there even more of pluses then when I have somebody that take photos of me. As people that almost never take photos mostly won't do a nice picture of you. Photographer is important as model is, so being your own photographer isn't bad thing, if you're pretty good at taking photos.

I don't know why people trying to ignore these two cheap things that will make your photosessions easy to do. I talk about:
♥ Remoter. It costed like 4 dollars but helps like it costs a million dollars haha. After I started to use it will make my photos so much brighter and more in focus. Of course, as it helps to find right focus. And helps to take photo in a right time.                                                    
♥ Tripod. Before I used big that aren't very high trees's branches and my camera even felt a few times, so that's very bad idea. Everything is too high or short. With a help of tripod you can make a height you need. And no, it doesn't take a lot of space, you can even put it in the bag and when you will need to take photos you can make it big again.

♥ You can make a video screenshots. I actually hadn't this function on my camera but noticed it works on my phone.
Actually it works. You just record a video, stop at your favourite moments and make screenshots.
♥ First take test photos to see if you like settings and it will look good. Don't forget that nobody will say if something's wrong. It's very important. Don't take tons of photos when you're not about settings.
♥ As you can't see yourself as everybody else, be sure that light's good there where are you. Light is everything. A lot of our bad photos just had bad light. 
♥Use self timer.
♥Or timer on remoter
♥Or if you're ready right now you can use your remoter too.
For me standard 2 seconds are perfect, it's enough to be ready for photo and hide a remoter.
Find a place where nobody walks.
Or of course you can take photos home. Whatever. Just try to find a pretty background.
Be free at trying new poses and facial expressions, nobody see you. If that won't be good, you can delete those shots.


  1. Great tips1 I usually use a remoter too.

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