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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Hello guys, hope you enjoy spring holidays full of blossom. I took these photos a day before Easter and wanted to write a happy post, but honestly I had really hard 2,5 days. The worst Easter ever.
Any ways, we always should say ''goodbye'' to old bad things to meet new good things later, so I believe most of bad things happens for a reason. Now it's starting new period in my life (btw, I will have way more time for blogging since now).
Though now I have a mood for a few philosophycal posts, today I will be a ''fashion blogger'' (''fashion blogger'' because I'm really bad at it).

Cold weather in the town. We even waited for snow, but thanks to the power of this universe it's just +4 C haha. 
It feels weird after 20+ C temperature, but at least I have one good side of it - I can wear my favourite look for cold weather. My favourite new coat with a lush bottom, add black hat with a bow (that makes me feel a little bit fashionable, as mostly I feel like I dressed more freaky than fashionable), of course I bring my little dream bag and finish it with my white scarf with musical instruments print I found in a thrift shop the last year.


  1. Our warm weather has pretty much stuck for about the last three weeks. No more cold

  2. Lovely look. Hats are always amazing!