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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dreams like series

 Goodnight! I thought that will be good already to write a post on the blog. Just don't feel 100% good and very busy with all things I need to do, and spending time with my niece every day of the whole month that takes a lot of my energy.
And at some nights I'm busy with dreams I see sometimes that feels so real, it really wonders me. It feels more like a parallel universe, because it's too strange. I mean most of us have heard that we forget our night dreams in first few minutes after waking up, we only remember them if something wondered us mostly. The same with dreams I saw recently. I had dream that my mom said me to buy some stuff at a grocery shop, such a casual deal that I didn't remember it at all before that dream started to continue weeks after and in that next dream I saw the products in the bag my mom said to buy but they were already spoiled and I really realised in the dream that I'm bringing the food from the shop during around two weeks but I was like ''that's a normal situation'' #notabigdeal and was more upset that now I should spent my money to buy all these products again haha. Some things really wonder me like: 1) how my brain (or is it something more?) could continue a dream I forget at all; 2) how could I realise that it was 2 weeks since I bought food if I still didn't bring it home? 3) and how it feels so real that confuse if it really happened me?
Something similar happened to me in my childhood. I don't know if I should call it mandella effect or dreams I had during a few years and felt so real. I was very young when it happened and I remember there were always fake rockets in the sky ( I've never seen and heard about dirigibles before I've got my first computer and played GTA when I was 8-9). How a child can dream about diragables if never heard about this? It felt real at hundred percents. But it can't be truth... or at least I haven't seen dirigibles after that time. Maybe it's another mandella effect, because I can't explain how it felt real.
Btw, recently I had dreams that continiue every a few weeks too. It happens with me since February and this still continue. Actually, I even don't watch series since that time, I'm okay with watching my own night show. The recent episode was like 4 nights ago - don't remember details but I walked in snowy evening. Interesting that everything is the same in these dreams exept weather.
Did you have dreams-series? What do you think about it? 


  1. wow, interesting post! lately i've been experiencing some weird things with my dreams too...

    1. maybe that's just a strange time for dreaming

  2. Dreaming is sometimes a scary experience. There are days that I don't know if dreams are real or not.

    1. and you're not alone, recently I hear about this from everyone


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