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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hello beauties! Today I want to share with you very interesting  information I've read recently, I'm sute it will be useful for all beauty products lovers.

Before we begin: do you know that makeup products become old? Here's list of beauty product lasting:
Mascara: 3-6 months;
Lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow, bronzer: 2-3 years;
Foundation: 6-12 months.

If you have products that are already too old and you don't want to risk, then here are some tips will help you:


- Are there old eye shadows are broken but you love their colour? Crush the shade and mix it together with a transparent nail polish, and voila - You have your own nail polish shade nobody has!


- Do you have many samples of perfume or almost empty perfume that are liying in the box? Mix some perfumes with a cream that does not smell, and you will have a special cream that tastes amazing!
Fun fact: once I bought a perfume with expired date ten years before I got it (around 9 years 10 months). Btw, it was still good, so whatever, but I was shocked when I found out expired date on the box.

"Empty" lipgloss
- Is your favorite lipstick almost empty? Well, often there is still a lot of lipstick yet, but it's impossible to get it. Tightly close and put in a glass with boiling water. Lipstick will become liquid and from the bottom will drain down. Then remove and leave to cool in a lying position, so that the glosswon't be on the bottom, but on the walls.

Dried favourite mascara

We all had mascaras with perfect brushes. Actually you can clean with cosmetics removal and use it again for the next mascaras or just for brushing lashes / brows.

Exhausted makeup brush

- Do you have a makeup brush that no longer does the job so well? Well, instead of throwing it, you can use it the next time you use a mask.

Too dark foundation

- Now while it's not sunny summer yet, I think that probably most of us have a foundation or two lying in a box that is too dark. Instead of throwing it, you can use it for contouring.

Old rouge?

- If you have an old blush that is either broken or just drained, you have several options. If it is completely consumed, you can use it as an additional mirror, as you leave lying in your purse (it's always nice to have it!). But if it is broken, you can mix it with a transperent lip gloss, that will give you a new lip gloss!

Hope you like ideas! I would like to try all of them, maybe I will write about my experience later!


  1. Mascara doesn't last long from what you've stated. I know my mother used to put hers in the fridge, I'm guessing to keep it fresher.

    1. Mascara in the fridge? Funny way! Maybe I should try, thedy actually last a few months only.

  2. love the tips! sometime i get sad when my beauty products get old

    jess x |

    1. I love when they get old, thats like a reason to try new beauty products:D

  3. Great tips! Cleaning mascara brushes sounds as a great idea.


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