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Sunday, April 2, 2017

10 Awkward Situation Almost Every Blogger Had

Hey guys! That's April 1st and that means 2 things. First, probably you was fooled a few times today and that's a new month. And as I promised  I will be more active in blogging and in important things I need to be really active.
Although I've got new problems like turned out that in my student book a mistake. Big mistake I was believing all 4 years. There wrote I should study to 30.06.17, but right date is 30.06.18. Yes, 1 year more of studying... Well, I'm shocked, but there are positive things about it.
And second problem is that family of my sister moved out to us and will be live here untill their rehab will be done. It's really hard to live with little kid that want to be all the time and do your own businesses in this time.

Just wanted to talk about some awkward siduations that happen to me somitimes. Tell me if you had a similar experiece.

- When you're already ready and dressed up to take photos outside, but it starts rainingsnowingstorming, and pretty and stylish you just stay home.

-  When you ask people to take photos of your for a blog  but hey do only one and turns out that's bad photo. Or blurry. Or both.

- When a few weeks you have no idea what to write.

- When you did everything a company asked you, but they didn't give anything in return.

- When you bring your camera, but not SD-card.

- ...or battery.

- When you found a great place to take photos, but there are million people who are staring at you while you do it.

- When you know about what you want to write about in a new post, but had no idea how to start the post.

- When you had no ''photographer'', so you take a tripod to take photos but forget remote to the camera.

- When you decided to be more active in blogging, but suddenly your life decided other plans for you.


  1. I luckily rarely ever did the screw up with the forgetting an SD card. But now I use mainly a smartphone for photos due to the easiness of it

    1. it'so much easier! But I prefer better quality.

  2. I always forget my battery!!! I'm a mess!

    1. That's happened to me a few times too -_- That was really awkward.

  3. Oh, I hope all is ok with your studies, one year passes fast! And that you can study well even though your niece moved to your place. I read the things that happen to a blogger and I agree about nearly all. One that is really bad is when you ask someone to take a picture and the person takes ONE, and not in a happy way, and the picture is bad and then you are not in the place you were (where you planned the photo) and then, no way to get "that" picture again. Really sad, people don't give 5 minutes of their time. Hope you have a nice week!

  4. the last one hits it for me on the head :D

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

  5. "When you bring your camera, but not SD-card."

    Oh my... exactly, happened few times to me. It is always when I transferred pictures and forgot to take back the SD card from the reader.

    Another point of battery that I sometimes too confident that my camera had full battery, when I wanted to take pictures, only 10% left. HAIH T_T


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