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Friday, March 17, 2017

WRECK THIS JOURNAL: tasks 1 -13: hot chocolate drawing, drawing with holes e.t.c.

HELLOO WORLD! Today I woul like to make a post about one thing I really like to do recent a few weeks. And usually I do it together with my niece. It's so much funnier with her. And it's wrecking a journal... Well, not really, maybe just a little bit.
Probably almost all of you heard about this popular book you should  destroy using creativity. While my niece already did some tasks that really destroy the journal like to jump on the boor and let it to fall from high place, I'm not enjoying to do this so much as she does. I really like to make pretty pages but still to do tasks that in the journal.

First, I want to show that I decided around the page you write your name in a few different ways to draw me and my niece. Well, I'm not an artist, but my niece looks pretty similar. At least, I drew us in clothes we have hehe.

 On one of the next pages were written ''Leave this page empty'', so of course I decided to draw something and later I thought if to paint left page black too it will look better. I drew GUNS N' ROSES's cross because I had no idea what to draw, so I turned on the phone to look for ideas as I listened to APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION album I though it will look nice on this page.
 First task: STAND HERE ( WIPE YOUR FEET AND JUMP UP AN DOWN). My niece definetely had fun while jumping. We drew leg of the same size as her, she drew a flower and grass inside, I added bone an pandas stickers. And I drew cat's paws and galaxy backround with my niece.
 TASK 2: pour, spill, drip, spit, fling your coffee here. We used hot chocolate drink. I wanted total hot chocolate drawing  but mu niece traced with a pen. And I  adde a black paint to make it look cooler. I think you can see which page I drew and which one my niece;)
 TASK 3: To make holes. And I decided to do something interesting with this page like drawing flowers on one side and drawing Homer that's dreaming about doughnuts. 
 TASK 4: draw fat and thin lines. pushing really hard with the pencil. I drew an elephant  and it tooks me a while to draw it. 
TASK 5: this page is for handprints or fingerprints. get them dirty then press down.  So I drew sort of winter / summer  or sky / earth drawing, it was really funny.
TASK 6: colour the whole page.
TASK 7:  throw something a pencil, a ball dipped in paint.
P.S.IT'S UNFINISHED PAGE, JUST BACKGROUND. TASK 8:  Glue leaves and things you'll find.
Task 9: do some rubbings with a pencil.  So I chose for this my eyeshadow  pallete, my candy pen,  coins, key, shell e.t.c.
TASK 11: scribble wildly, violently with reckless abondon.
TASK 12-13: tear strips rip it up!

P.S. I destroyed task 10, but in the book is the same one so I will try the next time.


  1. They are so creative!

  2. No, I didn't know this book and I loved the creativity, the inspiration and illustrations! And that you destroyed task 10 and didn't leave the page empty where they said you should :) I love this book, I want one :) Hope you have a very sweet week!


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