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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WRECK THIS JOURNAL IDEAS (tasks 8, 14 - 26): draw in motion, tongue drawing, document your dinner

Hello guuuys. I didn't blog again, the same as other things I would like to do, but March is so crazy , so while I have free time, I want to share with you new WRECK THIS JOURNAL post, that's because as recently a lot of my time I need to babysit with my niece, as her parents are busy with moving out, so while this is happening we're having fun with this book.

First I want to show you the page I showed you the last time but now I finished it (probably, maybe I'll add something else, idk).
It's task 8: Leave here leaves and things you'll find. I glued some of leaves/ flowers I found this early spring.
 TASK 14: draw lines while in motion, on the bus, on a train, while walking. We had so much fun with my niece during the whole time we have doing this.TASK 15: fill this page with circles.
TASK 16: document your dinner. rub, smear, splatter your food. use this page as a napkin. Well, I had no idea what to add to this page, I didn't want to add somthing that will have a bad smell later, so added only fruits, now this page smells like an orange.
TASK 17: write one word over and over.  First I wanted to write ''peace'', but then I decided to learn my niece how to write '' love''.
TASKS 18 - 22: 

  • make a funnel. drink some water. I did, my niece drunk. So we had fun with this one too.
  • tear out crumple.
  • make a paper airplane.
  • wrap something with this page.
  • tongue painting with caoloyrful candies. Well, we went for candy shopping, but we decided to buy other things, so I just drew Rolling Stone's mouth.
TASK 23: chew here (don't swallow!).
TASK 24: tie a string to the spine of this book. swing wildly let it hit the walls. My niece was enjoying so much while doing this task, so she did it twice haha! I drew mini-journal and broken wall on empty page too. My niece really liked that, so we did together a few books for her too.
TASK 25:  Bring the journal without hands. And here my niece found how to do this and I just drew Harry Potter with his ''WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!". Hope it's looks a little similar.
TASK 26: climb up high drop the journal.


  1. cute art of the cookie monster

    1. really? i thought that one isn't good!;) tysm !

  2. Love the last one. Clouds are great!

  3. You are an artist! REally amazing all these illustrations! I loved the funnel to drink water, too, your niece and yourself must have had so much fun! Hope you go on having fun and a great weekend!


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