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Monday, March 27, 2017


I haven't doing throw back posts for a while, so I thought it's a perfect time, as I didn't blog recent days again (yeah, crazy March, but about this later) and I found a photo of my hamster when he's kissing me the last year,  I miss him so much. So sad that hamsters lives only around 2 years.
So these photos were taken 2 years ago. Hard to believe, although on another side it really feels like a lot of time ago. I remember that evening really good, that's when I walked with my friend and lost  my phone (I had no idea how it happens to me already second time). And it added even more drama because after I bought another phone in a little shop on my street and it was a huge mistake. After that I had very depressed period, because I dissapointed in very important person of whole my life. All spring and summer I listened to ''Summertime sadness'' hehe. Positive side of it that probably from that time (probably) I became a real of fan of Lana Del Rey, which music is very important for me now.

Back to summary this month (any ways it's only a few day to the end of month).
Describe months in 3 words: sun, babysitting and break.

The best thing happened: not sure about really best one, but I really enjoy sunny days and a few days that were like it's May. Also my cousine gave birth to a little boy yesterday. I had funny days at all.

The worst thing happened: I broke almost the whole front tooth (first one) yesterday. I had problems with this one since 2014, so maybe it's for better, that I just will get a сrown tommorow and it's all, I will be free finally from going to a dentint every a few months because this tooth. Honestly, these two days I even didn't look at my teeth in the mirror. I'm scared to look at myself when I look like this haha. Any ways, tomorrow in the morning I'll go to the dentist.

And that's not all, yesterday was very bad day for my pregnant sister too. She must give birth in May, but she had danger to do it yesterday. I was scared af. Yesterday was the worst and I had bad feeling about the day since waking up.

Speciality of the month: that days were like it's summer and all day were bright, but I was awful at important  things I MUST do and I can't do anything about this while I spent 95% of my time with my niece during their parents are busy with moving out to their new home. I really sad when I have an unproductive day and it's like a month... Uhhh I'll should work in April really hard.
And also it was 10 anniversary of death of my grandmother...

Favourite food: finally it's more of fruits and vegatables in shops, so I'm really happy and that's my favourite.

Favourite thing to do: playing with my niece, but the most favourite is relaxing and to be alone when she goes to her home hehe.

Challenge for April: work hard, everything else isn't that important now.


  1. Did you break your tooth? Good luck with the dentist!

  2. Oh, I hope evrtytthing is Ok with your tooth, you will be fine soon, I am sending you good vibes! And how nice that your cousin had a baby and your sister didn't give birth yet... yes, scary... I never had a haster, but if they only live for 2 years... I would be sad after they died :( Hope you have a nice week now!

  3. That sucks about your tooth, that must of hurt

    1. no, that doesn't hurt, cause I had a deal with this tooth and as my dentist said it's dead.


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