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Monday, March 13, 2017


 Heeeeellloooooo haha! That's really hard to start to blog after such a long break. Around three weeks I think. The longest time I wasn't blogging and I was really missing blogging all these time. 
I wrote in my recent posts that my laptop is working really bad, actually, it already needed cleaning, and ''masters'' cleaned my laptop just in one day and broke something, a detail that is very important for computers to work. Of course, they didn't say anything and when I brought a laptop back realized that now it doesn't work at all... That was a Friday's evening, to late to go back so I needed to wait to Monday, they gave money back for cleaning and said that can't do anything with, because they actually are not that good in computers and can do little things like cleaning (as you see they can't do even it). I brought a laptop to another place and my laptop was there almost all this time because they have a lot of other computer to repair. So they definetely did thing better, but some things are not perfect. Well, at least, now I can blog again.

I have my laptop back already 5 days probably, but I didn't use it most of these days. They were busy and recently I spent all the time with my sister and niece. Like they always visit in the morning and can be here to late evening and after all this time with my crazy niece and even lazy to check my instagram feed or to make a cup of coffee. Even today, thought for this time I visited them, they move to another probably this month, so I needed to visit them there for the last time. Tommorow new week is starting, they will be busy on works / kindergartens so it's my chance to do more works I need and get my scedule back, I think blogging will help me.
Thought all this happened in the right time as I almost all this weeks I was sick, every week something new, even now it's not perfect. I'm a child of summer, I need sun, warm light air and green nature to feel good. I definetely need to move to a warm place one day, winter makes to be depressed my soul and body. Btw, it's a real spring here, finally no snow, no frost, no ice. It's not warm yet, but it's an amazing weather for Ukraine in March, cause snow in middle of April doesn't suprise anyone here.
And as I was sick my skin and face at all was really bad, like I'm 13 again. So I had no chance to take pictures. Now I'm finally okay. I never have a perfect skin, but at least that isn't bad now. Glad to be back, I will blog tommorow again!
Now I want to show some of new stuff I bought or got like a present. Mostly on March 8th.
This an amazing ''macaroon cake'' spoon is homemade by my sister, it's her presents on March 8th, she works homemade things you can order HERE, you can enter by Facebook, if you doesn't have VK. She really needs Instagram...
I've got a perfect lipstick ( cause it's almost transperent but still sniny ) from my grandma. Actually she gave 2, but then my 6 years old niece said that she wants and brought bright red lipstick. LOL. I don't know why she chose red one and where she's going to wear it. Today she said she won't wear pink anymore and clothes with hello kitty, because she's too big for this haha.
 I've got famous WRECK  THIS JOURNAL and THE BOOK THIEF. I did some pages of journal with my niece, one of the, on the first photo, I'll show more in another post. Book I didn't read yet.
 Really nice BB cream that mademy skin better (but it's too dark for pale me) / some gifts from my mom. Thing for easy hair brushing (must-have for long hair), and stiff for better skin. And they really work.
 New jacket (really need it so much) from ALCOTT it's from my aunt  and two leggings from my fave thrft store and they are amazing and costed almost nothing. They are comfortable af and just nice.



  1. Computer problems are the worst. I'm glad mine has been working good

    1. something wrong with my all techniques recently at all, and it's the worst.

  2. I love this book! It's a great novel.

    1. glad to hear, I start to read this today.

  3. Loved the spoon, how sweet it was! And I knew you didn't stop blogging, but I knew something was not OK, now I know, the computer. It's so bad when a computer repair shop doesn't give it back to us in some days, but after weeks, not good! I am glad that you are back now! Welcome back! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

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