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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Ready for warm part of spring with this hairband from Dresslink (hairband: link).

Uuuh it's hard to back to blog when you've lost habbit to do it haha. I took some photos but had no idea what to write and found in drafts that I wanted to write about some nice reasons why I wait for spring 2017 (I wanted to write in February). So I need to write this now or never hehe.

♥ Well as I said before I can't wait for the time to wear spring clothes. I love my boots and coat (btw, I need and going to do some outfit posts in warm clothes while it's still a little bit cold).

♥ My favourite thing is that it seems like every woman exept me is going to give birth this spring haha. Well I don't really care about celebrities that going to do it, but some of my relatives is going to do it and the most important that my only sister will have second child probably less than in 2 months. I'm exited that it will be a boy for this time! 

♥ The last months of studying in the university... I mean, at all, not summer holidays. I feel sooo strange about this. I'm such a kid yet, how I even can already to finish a university? 
I was ok about finishing school, cause it felt like I was there all my life and it was finally time to finish it, while these four years in university were like two years and I feel lik it's only half.
Any way, I'm glad I finish it, university makes me feel stupid, while I felt clever in school haha.

♥ It becomes warmer and I want to visit some pretty Ukrainian towns so much.

♥ I want to have more healthy lifestyle like more sport, more healthy diet. At least I will have company for this soon - my sister.
Just want to feel more healthy, have better skin and shape. The fact that my clothes became too tight for me isn't funny and I neeD to do something with this.


  1. I love spring clothes and it's a great time for healthy habbits as sports!

  2. You look so beautiful with your hairband, such a lovely way to wear it! And the makeup is perfect! So nice, you will have a other child in the family soon, congrats to your sister (in less than 2 months, like you said). Hope you visit the cities you want, I was going to visit Ukraine, but I couldn't at the time, I even had the hotel booked, but had to cancel it. Hopefully I can go there soon! Maybe you should consider a masters degree after university? I felt good doing so! You can learn more and more, always. Glad you are back to blogging! Hope you have a very lovely day!

    1. probably i'm not going to continue, but who knows...

  3. I don't think I could pull it off myself, but it looks amazing & I'm certain that it will look beautiful on you. :) <3 xoxo You will like to see more fun from here.

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