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Monday, February 20, 2017


I'm wearing cap from HERE and bodysuit from HERE.

You're 20? So when you going to marry? If you think it's the best age to marry, think again. I finished school just 3,5 years ago. All people of my age I know that are married just married because they were pregnant first. And most of them didn't want to marry and have kids now, although, any way, of course, kids are (probably) still the best thing that happened to them.
By the way, fun fact, my granmdmother says that her last dream is my wedding, so she even already did a wedding towel (Ukrainian tradition). I feel weird about keeping it in my cabinet.
You look like you're 15 years old... 16 maximum. Ain't if I'm 20, I autimatically look like I'm 20? Stop watch movies about a school with 35 years old actors!
Any way, good for me, it's a fact that who look younger, always will look younger (at least, mostly).
Your eye makeup destroyed - you have eyeshadows under your eyes! Do you need a mirror to clean this? Ummm, did you really haven't seen anyone else with this type of makeup? It's just the way I feel a makeup for myself.
You're so much more shorter than me haha! ''You're so much more taller than me haha!''. When height a little bit shorter than middle became a bad thing? Did I miss something? I thought it's cute.
You're a human with dissabilities, you shouldn't do a makeup and wear bright clothes. You should wear clothes that don't attract attention. Give me Harry's invisibility cloak, It should be really fun!
And if to be serious, what should I do? Wait for the next life? I don't care if people look at me. And even they do, it's amazing, it means I'm interesting to look at!
If not your teeth / skin / fat / blahblah, you were so pretty... If not your brain... Seriously, I think only perfect people can say it, but problem is that perfect people don't say things like that.
I always try to be better, but I can't do it in a second. I have not a fairy stick!
You gained a lot of weight. I hate when people act like 2-3 kg are a lot. It's good! It means Christmas food was really tasty. Almost everybody gain a weight in winter. If they're not, I have no idea what they were doing on holidays. Probably it wasn't good holidays. I had nice and tasty ones!
You're so pale, are you sick? I'm just trying to look like Bella from ''Twilight'' and to be pretty for cute vampires.
That what happened when you don't sunbathe since 2012. I really want to get a tan again this year. Ah. 
When you will find a job? It's not a time yet!!! I've heard you should be at least 45 to become a president!;)
Long hair isn't pretty... at least, on you. Actually I can't imagine myself without them now, it's one of a few things I like in myself, although they're not very thick and healthy.
Nobody will marry you! Great! My mom and aunt married in teenage age, and they say to me if they were clever they would never marry at all!
Btw, I don't believe in marrige. Why I even need to sign a paper to prove everyone I love someone?
You can't do this / it's impossible!!! Have you tried? How hard and long?

What are you tired of and really hate to hear from people?


  1. I can relate to some of these things... you are so right, why people have to point things out, as if they didn't have enough in their lives to worry about? I hear constantly that I am very pale, put on weight, that long hair is not OK, and that I look younger, that I am too short and who cares? I always say, if people could see the souls instead of the exterior, how awful many people would look like. By the way, working is good, marrying too, but you should only do this WHEN you feel prepared, not because other people expect you to. Beautiful pictures, you always look stunning! Hope you have a nice week!

  2. I think women get more of this than men it seems even though we live in different countries. I think you're very beautiful.

  3. I understand you! Sometime people can be really rude with their words!

  4. I'm sorry you're hearing so many disappointing things. I really think those comments say more about the person saying them then who they are directed towards. Live to your standard, that's the one that matters most. You are beautiful ♡


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