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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


 I thought that as a thrift stores lover I should do a post like this, as I really like thrift store hauls posts / videos. But it's not a haul actually, it's more like my favourite things I bought a while ago and they became my favourites.
I was thinking to add clothes to the post, but as half of my closet from a thrift shop, I better will do another post about clothes.
So yeah, most of things I buy in thrift stores are clothes, I'm even not sure if in my town is a thrift store with book, things for home e.t.c. Any way in my favourite store there is a corner with a lot of toys, a few books, table games, beddings and things for home... I mean actually there can be everything, I even saw things from vintage camera to a champoo.
So here my top 6 things from a thrift store:
Frame with a quote ''Save water and drink champagne''.
I almost believe I found this frame because strenth of a thought thing.
I've seen this frame on a blog in the morning and thought it's really cute and I would like to have this frame in my room too and in the evening I went to center to buy leggings but didn't find anything so I went to a thrift shop around my house and bought leggings there. Around a paydesk was this frame, I was really wondered.
It costed 20 grn. (26 grn. = $1).
 Roman holiday. Ahhh even not sure if I should say it, because I'm sort of ashamed of it. Actually this DVD is the only thing I stole in my life haha. If you're wondered why. That's because I waited for a saleperson around 20 minutes and I just gave up and was tired to stand and just went away. There wasn't a price on it, I just know part of movies and books cost around not more than 50 cents and some are free. So maybe it was free and it's okay haha.
2 (3) books. I have around 5 books from a thrift store, I would like to have more but there are always only a few books everytime I was there and it's hard to find good one. I love the fact that almost all books in English, so I can improve my English with a help of the books.
Any ways, these books are my faves, they're super cute, romantic and girly. Just look at these covers! One of them I read a year ago and another book I read 2 years ago. I want to re-read them, because I remember that two years ago I didn't unerstand some things and as I learned English very hard since that time and now I understand like 95% of imformation in movies and shows in English language, so I definetely should re-read.
I already forgot prices but mostly books are free or around 10-20 grn (26 grn. - $1)
Two pillows. I bought them for my previous bed (now in my room is a sofa with pillow set). And, oh my God, they are so cheap, most of pillows I saw in a normal stores are like 300 grn. and guess how mush cost these? Well, silver one with sequins is 15 grn and white lace one is 5 grn. 5 grn. is almost free, so, of course, I bought them. I think it was like 3 years ago and they don't look good, so I need to change them, but they were almost free, so what do you want for this price,  I loved how it looked on my previous bed, any way. ♥


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