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Friday, February 17, 2017


Hello guys. My laptop is still not repaired, it's one of reasons I didn't blog recently. I thought better to start blogging when the laptop will be repaired, but it will take a few days again, as it's Friday. And if that computer store is not working on Saturday, the laptop will be repaired only on Tuesday. Aaah so long, not the best day to do it! Probably I will be blogging this weekend, and will give the laptop for repair on Monday, it will be so much faster.

Any way, I want to show my new fashion purchases. Bodysuit and cap. Instagram made me to buy it! Similar bodysuits and caps I see on all fashion Insagram pages. If I understand it good Kardashians made this to be  trend (not sure about this, but they were ones of first who was wearing it). I'm not a big fan of their styles, like it's too vulgarly and too many fails like sleeps with sport jacket like oh no. Really don't unerstand people who love Kanye West's clothes / shoes line. But still they wear sometimes cool things.
I know that literally everyone has a bodysuit like this one, but whatever. I just really wanted something of sweet pink colour, because it's so cute. And at all, they look nice. This one is my favourite from all I saw.
And I wasn't sure about the cap, because I rarely buy simple things, I need brilliants/studs/sequins on everything or what's even a point to buy it then? Haha.
Although this cap is really so photogenic hehe, because on photos it's shinny and looks sort of gold, actually it's of colour of hay, and looks more simple in real life, magic of flash on my camera! Any way, I was wondered that it suits me so much more than bright caps I was buying before. Probably I will be wearing very often when it will be warmer. Later I was trying to took some pictures without cap and they were not so lucky.

I bought this on this STORE (LINK)
You can find a cap HERE (LINK)
And bodysuit HERE (LINK)


  1. This pink bodysuit is just beautiful. Looks great on you!

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