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Thursday, February 9, 2017


Ah guuys, hello! My laptop doesn't work good, it needs to clean inside and maybe even to repair. Yesterday and today earlier I tried to write a post, but it turns off all the time. Hope I'll fix this problem in a few days!
Btw, one thing (not one, but more I'll show in another post) from my wish list already is mine - beauty brushes set. I needed this so much, as my previous brush set already was destroyed and some brushes are lost hehe. 

And now I have 20 new brushes. They are from Dresslink (LINK) and Brushes are here (LINK). I never had so many brushes! How good to have different brushes for everything, before sometimes I needed to use the same one for eyes and lips haha. Actually, this set has everything you need - brushes for brows, lashes, eyes, lip, contouring, powder.

I want to distinguish a beauty blender, because I never used this before and was very exited to try. Actually I've tried many sponges and brushes for foundation, but my favourites were still my hands;) Well, probably, because they make almost all product to be on a face, not half on a sponge. But hands don't blend very well.
Good that beauty blender does. It's my first impression about it - it blends really nice. And make a product to be on a skin, not somewhere else.
I saw it that with this thing you can make great countouring. Can't wait to try and show you in next posts!
Another thing I notice it's pretty solid if to compare with other blenders I saw. Not sure if it's good and bad and I need to use water for it, anyway, so maybe water will make it softer.

About solid brushes, by the way, and other things I don't like... I noticed almost all are brushes are pretty solid. And I'm not a fan of this fact. Although brush for lashes / brows and brushes for applying eyeshadows are softer.
So actually it's the worst thing about the set. It harder to blend. It's actually hard to use this blush brush, so I will continue to use my old one.
 And another thing that a brush for blushes is pretty thin. I mean it's not a bad thing for some people, but I prefere fluffy blush brushes. And I wish a case was in the set.

What I like the most? Everything else. Brushes for eyeshadows are really good, have two sides for light and dark colors, and have a great quality and fixed to the stick good. They are not soft like some brushes for eyeshadows I used before and it gives a lot of problems. So I love this is of good quality.
Really nice that 3 brushes has two sides of brushes, so you can say it's 23 pieces set and + beauty blender
Some brushes are perfect for using it as eyeliner brush. It gives just a ''wow'' effect!
Brush for lashes can curl them amazing. I think I shoul do it before mascara all the time hehe.
You can find this brish set here (LINK).


  1. really love this blog post :)

  2. This reminds me I need new brushes, lovely ♡

  3. I love them!
    Oh, i need some new brushes.

    I will check them out :)

  4. I am not wearing blush anymore, so the blush brush being thin wouldn't be a problem for me, but I know that it would be for other people. I am glad that you got this nice set! I love brushes! I think they are very helpful! I hope you can fix your computer soon, it's very frustrating when we want to write and it is not ok :( Hope you have a nice day!


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