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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1/12 OF 2017 | SUMMARY

Hello world! How is your first month of the year? It finally feels like a month, not very fast, love it! I already wrote about first two weeks of the year now it's the time for next two weeks.
While previous ones were full of holidays, like Ukrainian Christmas, New year, birthday of my sister's husband e.t.c. , these weeks were more like casual.
Photo I didn't post on the blog:
This one, it's pretty good, but I already had enough of similar photos in the post. I think I even will add it to my Instagram.
Favourite food:
I have two for previous two weeks and both are sweet. First is homemade strawberry jam. My favourite jams are cherry one, peach one and rasberry jam, but strawberry is just a bomb, very tasty!
 And another thing I didn't in over 10 years. It was my first favourite I remember - tartlets with colorfuld cream by mom. She did it again and yeah I add strawberry jam to them any way too haha.
By the way these photos of food I haven't post before too.
Biggest wish of these weeks:
Actually my biggest wish now is warmer weather, I'm really tired of ice, it's impossible to go anywhere.
Biggest event:
My niece has birthday and now she's 6, I'm really exited about her growing up and that she will go to the school this year! Hard to believe, actually.
Although I stayed in the town almost the whole time I still visited out village house for the first time in a few recent months. It was a good weather as for winter so I had fun with my dog and camera before it became cold in the evening.

Favourite outfits:
Here I have two again. First I really love my coffee with milk color coat, especially bottom part, it's like a skirt.
And also I really how look my cap with ears with my red/black coat together.
 Thing that annoyed me. 
That thing I don't workout, but I don't blame myself too much, cause it's more like not laziness, but doing more things that are more important. I really hope it will be easier soon.
Movies I watched:
If I remember good, I watched two movies ''The Truman show'' and ''My rainy days''.
Well, first is one of the most famous movies with Jim Carrey. I love the idea, but the end is too predictable. I waited for suprise. Maybe it's okay for 90s.
And ''My rainy days'' is really interesting and unusualf for my opinion. Really great plot. 2 hourses of movie were very fast.
And series:
Just check my previous post about ''Operation Love'', because I enjoyed it so much and in post I wrote about another show I watched too.
New things:
I'm very obsessed with social media, have a new design on the blog finally (I already hated the last one), I watched some good things that inspired me, archieved some little goals.
The most popular post:
Hehe actually on first place is summary of my first days of 2017. And on the second place review of very interesting anime ''Your name''.
Plans for the next week.
To workout at least a few times, drink more, be productive and have a good mood of most of time.


  1. Your favorite food looks so tasty and I undestand your wish... warmer weather is always welcome!

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