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Sunday, January 1, 2017


My traditional annual photo near my Christmas stocking and lights, this one I took after it became 2017 year. I think I started to take photos there since 2014th New Year's eve.
Actually I didn't expect that the previous post on my blog will be the last one of the year. Just turned out that yesterday's New Year Eve was pretty busy for blogging. Well, not that busy, but I was trying to make myself to believe it's really almost new year and to get New Year's spirit. 
I still had not this spirit even when it was ten minutes to 00:00. I got it just in the first second of 2017, when I made wishes and went to look at amazing fireworks. We had them so much more than in the last year. Since that time I still have really a good mood and very excited about this new 2017 year. Some of my reasons:

  • Well, first, 2016 was full of broken hopes. Not just for me but probably for biggest part of the world. I just noticed too many people are dissapointed in this year. Seriously, it seems like most of people didn't enjoy this year. In this year we had lot of hard and bad situation in the world. Also that fact that so many great talanted people passed away. The last week of 2016 just shocked me. Everyday somebody from celebrities was passing away. So the last week I was tired of 2016 like never before was tired of certain years.
  • I wasn't talking about it before but in spring 2017 I will become an aunt for the second time. I can't believe that I will have a nephew or another niece this year. It's just OMG. Actually I have a lot of nephews / nieces, but now I'm not talking about kids of my cousins, from close ones I have only Yeva you probably saw a lot of times on the blog.
  • The third reason is moving out from home I was living all my life. I'm not sure 100% it will happen this year, because selling and buying a new home it's really hard, but at least we're searching, so I really hope we will moving out to a new place.
  • I'm turning 21! I have mixed feelings about because I totally don't feel and even don't look that old. It feels like time is kidding me and actually I'm still 17. Any ways, 21 years will mean that I'm a 100% adult and also I will can official drink. Just kidding, my maximum is champagne and better that one for kids, it tastes better haha.
  • Loosing weight challenge. I really gained a weight this year and even before I wasn't even close to being thin, so now it's totally a time to change. I never tried to lose weight seriously, so it will be interesting to get a new experiece. I'm really exited to work at being more healthy and pretty.
  • Visit cities. In 2016 I visited just one city. This year I want to visit some cities on the west of Ukraine, cause I live on the west and pretty close to my city are really nice cities I never was or want to visit again.
  • I'm really excited about Eurovision 2017 that will be in Ukraine, as Ukraine won the last year. I'm sure it will be great! I think only jelous people say that it will be bad and Ukraine doesn't have money for it. It's just ridiculos to think that Ukraine doesn't have 15 million for a concert. So yeah, I'm so exited to see what Ukraine have got!
  • If to believe in horoscope it should be a lucky year for me. 12 years ago 2005 year was the year of a cock too. And I still remember how bright and cool that year was.
  • And I just have good feelings about this new 2017 year.

Do you have some special reasons to be excited about the new year?

Have the best year ever yet!!!


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