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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Shinning Mirror Nail Glitter Powder | BORN PRETTY REVIEW

Hello guuuys. Today I want to write a review of something I was very exited to get and to try. Actually I wanted to make a write yesterday, but turned out photos weren't good enough. With flash light on camera it doesn't look that way it look in reality, I really recommend to see a video of the store below, it looks more like it is there. But I should say that my silver powder is no the same as that one on the video. Mine has a golden shade (and probably even a little bit o green shade) and it very very very sniny and many tiny glitters, while on video it looks like a gloss. I really like these little glitters, looks so pretty.
Gold powder is super bright. It reminds me an yellow but shiny nail polish. But golden powder doesn't have glitters as silver one. They have that sort of mirror thing, but doesn't look like those Tumblr mirror nails I was hoping for. In total, I really like them, especially, silver one. Probably because I'm more silver lover, this gold powder looks a little too much for me, orange shade in it is too strong. And as I said those silver glitters really looks so awesome in real life.

Set have two powders (gold and silver), brushes for them, two comfortable (and pretty) packages and finally bottle of primer with bottle of seal coat - it's the reason, I bought. It's more cheap to buy them together. You can use them for all your UV nail polishes.
I want to say that you don't need to have an UV lamp, you can just coat a layer of transperent nail polish after a layer of powder. They keep without anything pretty good but not a long time. So better use transperent polish or seal coat. And be careful and accurate, it keeps on skin a pretty long time.

You can buy this set here:


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