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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Good morning! I woke up only a few minutes ago and suddenly decided to write a post. I wanted to do this yesterday, but I had such an unlucky day, so I had no mood for doing anything and even decided to go sleeping when it wasn't even 22:00, it's like a few houres earlier than the time I go to sleep usually. Yesterday everything I was trying to do wasn't good, and literally everything was falling from my hand. And even my phone, and broke front part of my phone and e little bit of the screen. Good that when I was buying a phone, I bought a special warranty so I have a right to repair my phone without paying anything or if the company can't repair they replace it with another phone, it works to a winter 2018. I feel it's like a lesson for me. I wasn't careful with my previous phones, they always were falling a lot of times and even on an asphalt when I accidently threw it with a flourish. And they always were okay, seems my new phone isn't that strong. Actually he fell on a floor, but I doubt that it could broke so strong because falling on a carpet, the phone fell between a table and a battery, so it definetely collided to one of these. The sound was pretty loud so...

Any way, today I wanted to share with you some photos in my new red/black coat. I really love how bright red looks with snowy background. Bad it's too cold to wear it now. Today we have around -15 C again. But that day It was way warmer and I took some photos. Actually I took just 6 photos in this coat and my camera uncharged. It's crazy what frost does with technique. Usually I can take like 300-400 photos or like 200 photos with flash before it will happen. Also without flash photos photos are very dark, because 99% of winter days are cloudy and with flas they are really too light like photos in this post. I think it's bcause snow, because it happens only in snowy winter with me.;)

You can find a coat like I wear in this post here:


  1. Yes, when our mood is not good we should write posts the next day. I hope all is Ok now :) And good that you could claim for mobile repair without paying. It's very cold, and I like snow! I loved your outfit, with red and black, and I think you look amazing! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Everybody has an unlucky day sometimes... the best part is that the next day is better!

  3. Nice jacket

    xx LL


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