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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


My days still looks like New Year's Eve hehe. I still spent a lot of time with my close relatives, watching New Year's things on TV and having a festive mood, and we still have fireworks every evening. I want to share photos I took recently these days and shortly to tell how were my days. 

January 1. I had super fan first hours of 2017 with my family. Sadly, guests I was waiting for became sick on Eve, so I was with only my parents. Actually my granmother visited us in the evening, but she went home in the evening, because she was sleepy already around 19:00, while I didn't sleep to around 4:30 a.m., but already felt energetic and ready to wake up around 9 a.m. I started my day with amazing food and New Year's shows, it's already like a tradition for the first day of the year. In the evening I with my dad visited my grandmother and celebrated the first day of the year there too. And when we invited grandfather to go to us for the festive dinner and were back, my sister with her family went to visit us. I already didn't any dinners, but insteed had really great time with everyone, played with the niece and exchanged gifts. It was my favourite family evening ever.

  A little bit more of photos of my look for New Year's eve. I took these photos after midnight. I've heard that this year better to wear big jewelry and all shades of red, so I thought my necklace and jumper is good for it.

 We had so many of really big pretty firework. It's hard to catch them on a camera, but I took this picture from my window. This firework was so big and pink almost all the time.

Also I used  this nailpolish, asactually it's green and very shiny. And reminds me a Christmas tree.
Pretty good lasting, so I recommend this one!

My niece when she was receiving gifts from me, gifts from Santa she got already in the morning;)
I never belived in Santa, as she does, although 5 years ago when I already was 15 I've heard bells just from the sky. I have no ideas what it was, I just know I wasn't drunk (I never drink) and nobody was around me.
Although I was already tired of food, but I really wanted to try this pink pie that my sister baked. So pretty!
 A little bit of gifts: lip balm from Avon. It's almost transperent. It just gives a light pink shade to lips and makes them really soft.
 These handmade ears headband my sister made for me. So pretty, I was eally going to buy something similar, althought I'm really not sure where to wear them. Any ways, they are good for taking photos in it.
January 2. Ah I'm already really not sure what I was doing yesterday haha. Probably just my relaxing after New Year and watched a bunch of Christmas / New Year's shows. And although this one is not christmasy, I really recommend to see ''Me before you'' movie. It's good!

Home Alone movies on TV means it's almost Christmas in Ukraine!♥
January 3.  Today was full of games and having fun with my niece again. So it was really fun day, as any otherb day with her. And I received a beautiful parcel from . Looove these coats. <3
 I got a sweater too. Turned out it's really warm one. And I think this print is awesome and one shoulder clothes are my love. I'll take better pictures in future posts!


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