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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Hello guuuys, how are you? I'm really good and first thing I want to show you is my new chocker I've got on my favourite . I remember how in January, but in previous year I wrote on the blog about Courtney Love for Nasty Gal clothing / accecorises line. And I'm as fan Courney's Love style adored the whole collection. Grunge, but still cute is probably my favourite style since childhood. In that collection was one thing I was in love - black choker with a heart. 
A few weeks ago I found the copy of this, but this one costs 10 times less. I ordered it as fast I saw it. You can find it HERE (link). 
Really can't wait for warmer season to wear it, now under my fake fur coat and scarves and it makes no sense to wear it now hehe. But as yesterday was my sister's husband's birthday, so I was wearing this with my favourite suit.

Btw, I've got for Christmas some presents and some of them are two beauty products from my mother, so I want to share with you mini-reviews.
First one is eye-makeup remover from Avon. I started to use since I was 15 or even 14. After all makeup removers it's still my favourite. Soft, nice smell and works good and fast. So I really recommend!
 Another my recommendation is mascara Luxe from Avon. I'm pretty sure it's the best mascara I used. Now I need to spend only a few seconds for mascara, the recent ones I used don't make my lashes look long and thick,so I needed to play pretty a long time with them before I'll get pretty good result. 
You can notice effect this mascara gives on the photos above, but in reality it's so much better, of couse;)
 I didn't take many pictuures on a birthday, as actually we just had a nice birthday dinner with some other guests (my sister cooks always amazing!) and most of time I played with my niece, she didn't want I eat at all hehe. 
 And by the way,  look at  this easy DIY idea for orange decoration Christmas tree. My sister does everyday different DIY things, as it's her work, so she did some decorations, I should try this the next year!
I know for some of you it can be too late for Christmas tree, but as here in Ukraine we had Christmas just 5 days ago and in two we will have Old New Year, so we usually keep Christmas decorations to these days... but one year when I was a little I was so sorry to clean these decoratione that I was keeping them almost to March haha.  

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