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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Today I want to do something different - to write a review for an anime. Actually before I haven't watched them since my childhood. But I've seen so many good reviews people wrote on the Internet about new anime ''Your name'' and I decided to try to watch at least one of them again. And OMG I'm so in love with this one. I think this anime is a masterpiece. If it was a movie, then it would be a blockbuster. Honestly, all the time I watched this I feels like a movie, not a cartoon. Probably it's because plot. It reminds me some movies I watched together, but it's still unique and I didn't watch something similar before. 
By the way, I really liked music in ''Your name'', I think it's great, I never listen Japanese music, so it wondered me.
Before to say more I want you to see a trailer, but I should say that trailer show only first part of this anime (I think first 30 minutes), later things become so much more interesting. This trailer in English:

After reding reviews and watching trailer, I was sure it would be interesting. I love movies where people switch bodies with each other, they are always cool and funny... but let be honest, everybody's already tired of the same thing. In every second movie a human switch bodies with someone else (mostly with a stranger) and mostly later they fall in love and try to find each other. I thought here will everything the same, like they will find each other and will be live long and happy together... but nope, in ''Your name'' you can't know what will happen next and even if everything looks predictable in last seconds everything change, and it happens so many times during the whole anime. That makes it really really really interesting to watch from the start to the end.
I don't want to say something more then in a trailer, I want it was a suprise when you will be watching this, but story is really tragic and makes worry about heroes so much. 
And I want to say that the end of ''Your name'' is really beautiful and shed a little tear. Actually I was reading reviews and I'm not the only one. Of course I give a highest rate from me to this anime. Hope my review made to want someone to see it! Don't see that this is a anime, if you don't watch them usually, because as I said before during the whole time of watching if give feelings like I'm wartching a new cool movie.
GIFs from start to the end:


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    1. it's really popular, the most popular anime of 2016.

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    1. the same, I really glad that smeone decide to watch!;)

  3. Oh, this is really cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. I've no heard about it bit it sounds really interesting!


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