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Monday, January 23, 2017


 Hello world, how's the weather in your towns? This weekend finally was a temperature with ''+'' - we had +1 hehe. So I decided to go to the village with my dad yesterday to spent a time on fresh air before next week's frost.
And today everything that was melting recent days became an ice, so it's the hell on the roads now. I wish it was never snow here. Those people who say that never have a snow where they're living and wish it was are crazy and lucky. I would like to be one of them. Cold weather creates a lot of troubles.
Actually I'm as 100% summer person, even wore my sweater with an anchor print, that reminds me about swimming in a warm sea, beaches and hot sun. This sweater is really warm, so I was dressing like this to early evening before it became colder.

This sweater you cand find HERE:


  1. Love your sweater and jacket. They look so comfy and warm!

  2. At least in winter prone areas, you'll are prepared for it. In my area, when it becomes snow/ice everything is shut down period.

  3. What a cool sweater. I miss the summer, too! Regards from Spain,
    Another summer person!

  4. You look very beautiful, I loved your beanie and your sweater with the anchor, to remind yourself of summer! Good that the temperature was positive, though just 1. I am a winter person, in fact :) But I know that summer is good for the soul! I hope you have a very nice week!


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