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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


What's you unfavourite time of the year to take photos outside? Mine is winter. Because here winter has two types of weather - rainy, dirty, grey one and snowy one. Both aren't good for taking photos. Firstly, when it's a lot of snow, it's really bright and too white everywhere, sometimes my eyes hurt first minute when I go outside, because it's really too ligtht compared to light inside of houses. It often happens when my eyes look very sleepy on photos because of it. Next thing is when it's frost outside, nose become red and big and it spoilts everything, also red hands. Yeah, red hands can spoil photos too. Once I had pretty good photos but my hands where red and it ruined those photos.
It's unreal to take a nice selfie outside in winter, I already tried a few times. It's not a problem for me usually, but in winter they are not very good.
Plus, my phone and camera became crazy on frost. They started to lose their charge in a few minutes. I'm not kidding. I had full charge on my camera and after taking less than 10 photos it became discharged at all. Good I took some pretty good photos (watch them in this post). Although I wanted to make more to have a bigger choice and I wanted to take photos to show my new amazing coat, but ah, well, in next time, when it will be warmer.

You can check this coat here:


  1. This is a lovely post and outfit! thanks for sharing.
    Come and visit my blog

  2. It doesn't really snow where I'm from so I don't get these problems but I think it makes photos look so pretty! x


  3. I love your coat. I agree it is not easy to take pictures in snow.Have a great day! xoxo

  4. you look wonderful in your coat


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