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Thursday, January 19, 2017

BEAUTY TREND: $1.86 BP Nail Polish from UV ''GREY SERIES'' | REVIEW

Hello everyone! Yesterday and today I was preparing to birthday for my niece. Now she's 6 years old, it's just wow, so big! Even I remember that time I was 6 and it's the age when you already understand everyting and it's the time you become more serious. Any ways, in today's post I want to talk about nail polish trends and review on my newest nail polish I've got from bornprettystore.

Recently and even in new season grey shades are one of the most popular nail trends. I actually noticed already this trend a few months before on many celebreties.
I think it looks pretty unusual and interesting, so I really wanted to at least one of similar nail polishes. That's why I love trends, that's the reason to try new things.
So I found cool nail polishes series with different shades of grey. Actually I didn't know which one to choose, but decided number 004. The most brighest. It looks really blue! In a place with good light, in the evening it's look very-very grey and I hardly can't see this blue shade in a nail polish. So it's pretty cool. Actually I think about to buy another shade from this collectione. Probably one of the dark ones.
Anyway, it's really cheap, but still bottle is not very big, it's 5 ml. Two layers of this nail polish looks perfect, with one layer it looks pretty transperent. But as for me I would like to wear it with one layer too, it's nice and it looks like it's a different nail polish.
Packaging is really nice, I've got it in a little pink box with roses print. It's really comfortable amd protect from other nail polishes, so bottle can stay clean and neat.


  1. That grey nail polish does look really pretty

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Beautiful shades! Grey is amazing!

  3. Oh I loved your manicure, the shades are great and the inverted French manicure is lovely! I couldn't come here before, my week was difficult, but finally here I am! Hope you have a very nice weekend!


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