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Friday, January 13, 2017

99 cents for 3 earring pairs?

Uuuhh, I just was checking comments for my previous post and I clicked ''delete'' instead ''publish''. Why even these buttons are so close to each other? It happens to me not the first time... So, any way, I decided to open comments, so they will be publishing without my preview, although it was a comfortable way to read new comments.

And now I want to give a recommendation if you like bijouterie as me. I never was a fan of gold or another expensive jewelries and even when my mom asked me If I want something from this for my birthday a few months ago my answer was ''you better buy me 100 pairs of cheap earrings than one expensive pair''.
I found really good deal on the Internet where I can pay just 99 cents for 3 pairs of earrings, I'm as a lover of earrings of course I ordered this. I found many differents sets. I ordered with sculls. I know not everyone like them, so here are some others:
Eiffel tower, flower and bow set: link
Snowflake, crown and classic one: link
Marine set: link
Very pretty set too: link
Owl set: link 
And finally mine: link
I should definetely order some other ones! Btw, from my set I really these shiny ones below. 


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