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Sunday, December 11, 2016


Yesterday I finnally did my first purchases I'm going to give for Christmas. First presents I bought for my sister and her daughter. As they had night here and was all day today and yesterday with me, I asked my niece what she want and she didn't know, but we both agreed that she doesn't need toys anymore. Actually I was searching for a book for little kids or something else that will prepare her to the school in the next year. But I thought it will be good to take a big box of candies. So I've got a empty Christmas box and chose good candies, sweets and oh gosh it's really. I could buy a full box of candies that will cost so much less, but they half-empty and most of sweets have really cheap taste, so... Also I found a shiny tattoo. Omg it's so cute, I've never seen something similar. And also cutest homemade soap I've seen in my life, also it smells really good and fresh.
For my sister I decided to get the same soap, because it's too cute not to get another one. And for main present I was looking for a good purse or something warm, so I bought her a scarf, it's really warm and grey as her winter hat, although when I've bought I didn't know this haha, I just thought it's pretty classic and warm, so why not.
By the way, for my my dad I think I should buy a scarf too, I thought about good razers first, but my sister already will give it to him for birthday that will be in a few days and for my probably something from food or drinks. It's my only choice, she really doesn't like presents, never happy with them, so haha. She's really hard in this.
Of course, I didn't forget about my grandmother and my friend. I hope she will home for Chrismas holiday and it will be fun.


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